kuchinoerabu island is in town yakushima.

  891-4208 Kuchi-Erabu Island, Yakushima 379-1

 Hot Spring in the Island 

There are 4 hot spring sources, and some of them are known as therapeutic onsens from old times. As every hot spring is open to anyone, visitors can enjoy various hot springs including those that still keep an ancient atmosphere.

Hon-mura hot spring has been operated by Yakushima Town. Other hot springs have been maintained by the islanders primarily for their use. Residents carefully clean on the hot spring on a regular basis.
We islanders would like to ask travelers to keep in mind what has been described above and use the hot springs carefully. Travelers, as the expenses for the maintenance of the hot spring, have to pay 200 yen. The cash box is equipped within.

Hot water of the Nishinoyu hot spring and Hon-mura hot spring are cleaned daily. Other hot springs are cleaned with an empty bathtub every one or two weeks. As hot springs always follow over, the hot water of the bathtub is constantly replaced. In addition, the bath is used infrequently. At first glance, you may feel like the bath is not clean, but there is no problem with hygiene due to the above reasons.

Nishinoyu Hot Spring

The Nishinoyu Hot Spring hut stands quietly on the coast. The hut was built by using a recycled utility pole.

Brownish hot water may appear slightly from the bottom of the bathtub at the time of high tide. Hot water is taken into the bathtub at high tide. The source is high at 63.6 ℃ (depending on temperature). To use it, let it cool overtime.
It is important to note because the quantity of water varies with the tides. Do not take into account the lunar calendar, you can not bathe properly. You might feel the temperature is to low or too high.
Islanders maintain the hot spring by controlling temperature and by cleaning bathtub. Travelers fee: 200 yen. It's a 20-minute walk from the ferry port to the Nishinoyu Hot Spring. There's no transportation!
Quality: Contains iron and salt.
Help with: gastrointestinal disease, women's diseases, neuralgia, joint pain, and skin diseases.

Nemachi Hot Spring

Nemachi hot spring is located in the immediate vicinity of the "Tachi-gami ", big rock. Touji customers visit from outside the island because of the unique effects. It may be named after the saying of "all things come to those who wait."
Since there is only one bathtub, please note that bathing happens in shifts for each group.
About a 25-minute drive from Honmura.
Hot spring flows over.
Quality: sulfur-containing Hades sodium-calcium chloride spring.
Help with: skin disease, neuralgia,and atopic dermatitis.

Yumugi Hot Spring

Yumugi Hot Spring is located where 10 residents currently live. Residents manage to clean the hot spring in turn. A large amount of hot water springs and is poured over. "Flowers of sulfur" dances in the hot water.
The source is 46.4 ℃. Hot water temperature of the bath varies with the seasonal temperature. The most of the time, the bathtub is right temperature. It becomes lukewarm in winter. Available 24 hours, you can bathe at any time. In the evening, people of the village come to the hot spring. It's an opportunity to talk with the islanders.
About 35 minutes by car from Honmura to docking of the ferry. Beware because there is no transportation!
Quality: Sulfur, sodium-calcium chloride.
Help with: neuralgia, muscle pain and joint pain, and dermatitis.

Honmura Hot Sprung

The town manages Honmura Hot Spring. It was opened in July 2008. Because the spring does not bubble up itself, hot water is pumped from 200m underground.   The source is about 38 ℃. Therefore, water is heated in the boiler. It is poured over. The hot water is a thin brown color.
17:00 to 20:00 (Closed: Monday). 300 yen for guests.
5-minutes walk from the ferry port.

Quality: It is a simple hot spring. Iron is rich in hot water.
Help with: Neuralgia, joint pain, bruises, there are indications, such as chronic digestive disease.

 Bathing Etiquette

The most important point taking a bath is that the user is sharing the hot water to each other. Users can not use the hot water of the bathtub only for one person's use.
Given this fact, the user can easily understand the notes and the prohibition of the following.

You may not enter the bathtub immediately after you took off your clothes. Before entering the bathtub, rinse your body and wash away any dirty parts. After bathing, you may enter the bathtub.

In a bathtub:

Do not take a bath with swimsuits.
Do not wash your body.
Do not use soap.
Do not use towels.

When you want to wash your body, wash your body outside of the bathtub.
Do not remain standing while you shower or rinse yourself, as this is inconsiderate to other bathers. Please sit and bathe using the stools.
If you do not find any tap water and hot water, you can use hot water by pumping from the bathtub with a small tub.
Do not unplug the bathtub before or after bathing.
When the bubble of soap is left on the outside of the bathtub, you wash them away.  

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